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About us

We are proud to present three generations of the same family dedicated in body and soul to the cultivation of olive trees and to the elaboration of an extra virgin olive oil for home-grown, all of its varieties under the brand of Puerto la Fuente olive oil.

In the Martin family we wanted to take care and maintain, with special love, the traditional process of extraction of extra virgin olive oil. The transmission of this knowledge has allowed us and the current generation, to obtain an extra virgin olive oil for the hotel industry whose organoleptic properties maintain the quality standards intact, converting it into a liquid gold of a high culinary richness.


The value of our land is given by the exceptional environmental characteristics that we live with, which add cultural importance to the land where we are located. Our olive trees are planted in the farm called El Arrompio, located in Granatula de Calatrava, a town that is part of the road known as “Quijote’s route”.

Located, between the Montes de Toledo and Sierra Morena, we live in full coexistence with a climate that meets the optimal natural conditions for planting the olive trees.

On the back of Rocinante, Don Quijote travel all these olive groves, being in company on his adventures by his faithful squire Sancho Panza, and having as undaunted spectators of his comings and goings, the same windmills that are still present today.

These windmills that are still preserved are the irrefutable proof of the olive tradition of our land. Their presence reminds us that our ancestors already used them to grind the olives, thus allowing the extraction of extra virgin olive oil in their early harvest.

Although, now they are the best witnesses of how from Puerto la Fuente olive oil we keep alive the olive tradition of the area.

The Union of tradition and technological innovation

Inheriting the satisfaction of the traditional uses of olive harvesting and the extraction process of olive oil. To these techniques we must add the use of technological advances applicable to the improvement in agriculture.

The result of this fusion of tradition and innovation is, precisely, what allows us to maintain a constant growth in production and put on the market an olive juice with guarantee. We have clients national and international being Japan one of the destinations that most demand our development. The sum of all this has turned us into distributors of extra virgin olive oil for hospitality recognized around the world.


One of the keys to having an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellence is to be exquisite in the collection phase of the olives. This fruit is harvested in its early harvest, directly from the olive trees that are planted in the surrounding areas of the Jabalon River.

LThe selection for the early harvest usually coincides with the months of October and November. Even in its green fruit phase, the olives collected are immediately cold pressed. Do not forget that this collection process is essential to ensure the quality level of extra virgin olive oil that we require in Puerto la Fuente olive oil.

In this way, we obtain a pure and fresh Extra Virgin olive oil, which maintains the original intense flavor and smell as well as the bright green color characteristic of the first natural juice of olives, being a liquid of supreme quality.

Our olive trees receive attention every day of the year. We check the state of each tree, taking care of the development of the olive from its roots, receiving the support of the use of technology of last generation for its optimal maintenance. From love to a land, to a solid formation and constant work we obtain an extra virgin olive oil for hospitality unique in the world.

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