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Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina y Cornicabra

Ours monovarietales

It is known by monovarietal oil obtained in the pressing of a single variety of olives. At EVOO of Puerto la Fuente we present you an exclusive range of monovarietals of extra virgin olive oil. Each one of them contributes the proper properties of each modality of olive, being used as versatile and exceptional culinary ingredients.

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And is that each of our monovarietal oils is named after the type of olive with which they have been made. We work with the varieties most demanded by diners for their quality and taste in the mouth. These are: picual, arbequina, hojiblanca and cornicabra.

Also, the consumption of any of our monovarietal oils fits perfectly into the healthy Mediterranean Diet, allowing consumers to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is worth remembering that the Mediterranean Diet was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010, with Extra Virgin olive oil being an essential part of it.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puerto la Fuente is a brand that represents the olive tradition of Castilla-La Mancha. Therefore, we take the most representative tones of our land to represent them.

The indigo color, typical of our community and coming from Mediterranean influences, as our flagship tonality. It is true that we do not have sea, however the blue indigo is represented on our banks and rivers. In addition, together with the white of the traditional architecture of the area, as in the windmills, they thus become a unique mixture and, above all its our culture.

Picual Monovarietal

Picual 100%

This authentic fresh fruit juice offers the consumer intense fragrance of green olive, which is integrated with the delicacy of its notes of green grass. Cold elaborations that allow to retain the fruit of tomato, green beans and green pepper that are rounded off with the presence of apple. The flavor expresses with all the freshness provided by a green fruit with the presence of mild bitter and spicy and elegantly integrated in all retro nasal perceptions.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) belonging to the Picual variety is highly valued by consumers and chefs around the world because it is a full-bodied liquid. It is a type of oil with enormous personality. So much so that it can be taken raw with excellent results.

The Picual olive collected at its optimum maturation moment makes it possible to extract an excellent EVOO which is recommended for the production of white and soft fish, pasta, sauces and emulsions. It is also suitable for preserving raw or cooked food, for its richness in natural antioxidants and high resistance to oxidation.

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Arbequina Monovarietal

Arbequina 100%

In it, you can find memories of tomato leaf, freshly cut grass, artichoke, apple and banana. By tasting it you can appreciate its structure and unctuousness, which make it truly interesting.

Our Extra Virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety is extracted from the olive with the same name. These olives are smaller than average and are usually harvested at early harvest.

It is an ideal liquid gold to accompany dishes that need aromatization such as salads, grilled vegetables, marinated, sauces (mayonnaise, alioli or vinaigrette), cold creams (salmorejos and gazpachos), masses of pastries, sauteed, paellas and dishes rice in general. It can also be consumed raw.

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Hojiblanca Monovarietal

Hojiblanca 100%

Its juice is intense and very aromatic, with hints of green olive, almond and fennel. Vegetable flavors predominate. It is sweet at the beginning of the tasting, soft bitterness, fresh grass in the aroma and light spicy throat with final aftertaste.

Our EVO monovarietal Hojiblanca also presents a high quality thanks to the careful process of harvest selection and subsequent production. At all times we strive to preserve 100% organoleptic properties.

It is an Extra Virgin olive oil that in Mediterranean cuisine is frequently used to pair blue fish, such as any dish where the tuna is the protagonist, or vegetables, such as salads or dressings.

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Cornicabra Monovarietal

Cornicabra 100%

It is characterized by its light fruity olive, which in the nose has vegetable notes stem and leaf. On the palate, it stands out bitter and spicy, with a final aftertaste of nuts and almonds.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the variety Cornicabra is very used in Castilla-La Mancha. It is obtained from a young olive green color born in olive trees whose leaf bears precisely the name of cornicabra.

This olive juice, in addition to presenting a distinctive fragrance and flavor, has very beneficial health characteristics such as a high amount of antioxidants and its natural anticancer power called oleocanthal.

Cornicabra olive oil is an excellent choice when making fried food because of its high resistance. It can also be used to cook roasts of meat or fish.

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