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Product “La Mancha” lands

Selection range

With the cataloging of Range Selection, we brought directly to the table the juice extracted from the green olives in its early harvest.

This types of olives are the most difficult to collect because of their sensitivity and delicacy. While they are collected, the rest of the fruits of the olive follow their natural maturation process. In this way, only a selected part of the harvest will be destined to elaborate our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Although, the young olive contains a pulp much tauter than the ripe one and, for that reason, of its extraction a smaller quantity of juice is obtained. Therefore, to make a liter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, an average of two kilos more of young olives is needed than in the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) obtained from ripe olives.

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These factors convert premium extra virgin olive oil into a food of high quality and limited production, being the product most valued by our customers and consumers.


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The EVOO of Puerto la Fuente stands out for the balance between three of its most important properties: the smell of wild plants, the fruity and bitter taste and the natural texture.

Without losing any of the unique and exclusive properties of this olive juice in terms of taste and texture, we also obtained a liquid gold with enormous visual appeal.


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The packaging is also important. Aware of this, we have taken care of the aesthetics in detail, presenting to the market a bottle of unique and special design, where the essence of the region is collected through one of the most popular legends of our locality, Granatula de Calatrava: the legend of the hidden one that in Spanish means “La leyenda de La Escondida”.

A story that has been transmitted, as the making of our EVOO, from generation to generation. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality becomes the treasure guarded by the protagonist of the legend, of the hidden girl with hair of the color of the Sun similar to that of our product.


Picual 100%

This authentic fresh fruit juice offers the consumer intense fragrances of green olive, which is integrated with the delicacy of its green grass notes. Cold elaborations that allow to retain the fruit of tomato, green beans and green pepper that are rounded off with the presence of apple. In the mouth it is expressed with all the freshness provided by a green fruit with the presence of mild bitter and spicy and elegantly integrated in all the retro nasal perceptions.


Our extra virgin olive oil of the selection range from the Picual olive is ideal to give a note of intense green flavor to the dishes. Its penetrating fragrance makes it a perfect ingredient for vegetables, grilled meats, salads, among many other options.

RWe recommend combining it also with different recipes belonging to the Mediterranean Diet such as: cheeses and sausages of powerful flavor, salads of pulses or pasta, pizzas, cooked and grilled vegetables, blue fish and meats, as well as to reaffirm the flavor of seafood.

In summer it is a good option to prepare traditional cold soups such as gazpacho or salmorejo, as well as refreshing dressings made with tomatoes, a bit of chopped garlic, oregano or basil and, optionally, some preserve.

Formats and sizes of this range

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Bottles / 500 ml