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Renovated tradition

Family range

One of the most popular ranges of those that we commercialize from EVOO Puerto La Fuente is the Familiar one. This is divided into two types depending on the variety of olives from which Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been obtained. Thus, we find the variety of Gama Familiar Picual and Arbequina.

It is before an (EVOO) harvested, prepared and packed according to the tradition of our area. An elaboration that has passed from parents to children and which today is our biggest sign of identity.

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Currently, we carry out our production in our own family farm called El Arrompio. This is where we give life to an ideal range to be consumed in homes of any nationality.

Without doubting, our family range oils are an ideal option for those who love to cook, whether it is highly requested for use in dishes belonging to the famous Mediterranean Diet, as it gives each recipe the characteristic aroma and flavor of the best olive oil. olive of our lands. We must also highlight the organoleptic balance that maintains its properties.

Puerto La Fuente
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina 100%


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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Arbequina variety and belonging to our family range is characterized by its low acidity, which makes it a perfect liquid gold to use in your daily diet. From adding to a toast at breakfast to dressing a healthy salad or serve as a star ingredient in the preparation of sauces or desserts. Infinity of culinary possibilities where the imagination sets the limits.