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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual 2L 4 units


Plastic carafe of extra virgin olive oil of the PICUAL variety. Size: 2 liters. It is sold in boxes of 4 units.

Acidity < 0,15 %


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual 2L 4 units

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted in cold at a temperature below 25 degrees and from olives in veraison. This gives a dose of quality that is evident in each of our products. Whether they are used for direct use and enjoyment or for cooking.


The Picual oil has an intense flavor which gives it a very greenish hue that is noticeable in the bitter and spicy flavor.

It is ideal for use in frying, since it is the most resistant to heat.

If we make a tasting, we will appreciate a slightly spicy taste at the beginning, which will end in a final sweetness.

They emphasize in this case the aftertaste to fruits of the garden and nuts that confers certain personality and characteristic flavor.

Due to the softness, it is ideal to accompany meals that do not try to mask the flavor of the foods that you season, such as salads or desserts.

Additional information

Weight 7.33 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 23.5 × 28.6 cm

2 Litros, 5 Litros